Olivia Jane Doe Front Cover


The Fiddle Game

A self-proclaimed scam artist, Parker thinks he’s found the girl of his dreams when he meets the mysterious Olivia Jane Doe. But she’s a pro, a real grifter, and getting involved with her in a big job and tricky romance becomes a whirlwind of scams, twists, and cons leading into larger cons. Now Parker will try to match wits and put the pieces together, even as she makes it clear, at every step, that she’s the one who built the puzzle.Run - A Getaway Story A desolate Mexican town. A job gone bad. And Olivia is the last one left to escape the heat. And not only is she without a plan, but somebody may have a plan for her. In fact, ignorant to the big picture and to the chain of events that have outpoured from her misplaced actions, she may find herself exactly where they want her to be: one very dangerous step behind.