It's A Calamity Jane Front Cover

Olivia, a “hopefully retired” con-artist, has escaped in a close getaway and is hiding out in the Bahamas. Life has become simple, and she has Peter Donavan to thank for it. A man who saved her in a job gone bad, and then disappeared to pursue his own hideaway.Two months later... the first clue arrives.Olivia believes it’s been planted by Peter, vague and untraceable by design. A cry for help, perhaps. And something she must pursue. She soon finds herself coming out of exile to follow a trail of methodically placed clues, each increasingly savvy; seemingly to insure that she would be the sole person able to follow them. The intention, unknown. Her purpose, a mystery. And soon, even the source of the clues becomes dangerously questionable.And as the puzzle unfolds, she can see only two possible scenarios if she succeeds. One: she arrives on time, as intended, to fulfill her purpose. Or two: she arrives on time, as intended... and it’s too late to turn back.