Damage Day, FLA Front Cover

Kip is heading South. And he’s hoping to score a job as a bartender in a South Florida locals’ dive owned by his long-lost brother, Jack. The place is called The Riot Bar, and it’s the main refuge for the servers and bartenders who cater to the rich folks of the sleepy Gulf Coast town of Naples.But before Kip can work behind this bar and face this devoted, stingy, almost cult-like crowd, Jack tells him that they’re going to have to address some of the obvious problems. Jack adds, while looking over Kip, who’s wearing a ridiculous Hawaiian shirt, “The dangerous problems.”Next is a tenacious day of initiation, taking Kip deep into the debaucherous underbelly that drives the hospitalities of the seemingly quiet beach town. But Kip’s arrival might have triggered an imbalance, sending Jack’s super cool, deftly popular, and extremely profitable lifestyle in the same direction that Kip has traveled himself. South. Far South.